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RH Companion to Audiences and the Performing Arts

Routledge Companion to Audiences and the Performing Arts. London: Routledge. 2022.  Edited with Lynne Conner, Katya Johanson and Ben Walmsley.



9781474283854Applied Practice: Evidence and Impacted in Theatre, Music and Art, Bloomsbury 2017. Edited with Nick Rowe.



9781138961593Experiencing Liveness in Contemporary Performance, Routledge 2017. Edited with Anja Molle Lindelof.



Kinesthetic Empathy: Creative and Cultural Contexts, Intellect. 2012. Edited with Dee 41Dksz64iPL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Reynolds



512D79n2i2L._SX341_BO1,204,203,200_The Young Audience: Exploring and Enhancing Children’s Experiences of Theatre. Stoke: Trentham Books/IOE Press. 2010.



ReasonDocumentation, Disappearance and the Representation of Live Performance. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 2006.


Articles, book chapters, reports

Links provided where material is available online or free to download.

2022. ‘Inclusive Online Community Arts: Covid and Beyond Covid,’ Cultural Trends. Available here open access.

2022. ‘Improving, Achieving, Excelling: Developing Inclusive Assessment Processes for a Degree-Level Learning Disability Arts Programme.’ RiDE: The Journal of Applied Theatre. With Charli Ward (Mind the Gap).

2022. ‘Playful Research.’ In Impacting Audiences: Methods for Studying Change. Ed Matt Omasta and Dani Snyder-Young. Routledge. pp 203-14.

2020. ‘Leading or avoiding change: the problem of audience diversification for arts organisations.’ International Journal of Cultural Policy. 27(1): 130-48. With Hilary Glow and Anna Kershaw.

2020. ‘Spectatorship and Diversity: The Role of the Audience in Seeing Difference.’ In: Water, van de Water, (ed.) Diversity, Representation and Culture in TYA. South Africa, ASSITEJ, pp. 1-14

2020. ‘Where in your body?’ Performance Design 15 Years Celebration. Roskilde University. Available Here: Reason – Where in your body?.

2019. ‘Students as Arts Activists: Insights and Analysis from a Politically Engaged Assessment.’ Arts Praxis. 5:2. pp 114-28. Availble Here.

2019. ‘A Prison Audience: Women Prisoners, Shakespeare and Spectatorship.’ Cultural Trends. 111-112. Available Here.

2019.’Ways of Watching: Fives Aesthetics of Learning Disability Theatre’. In Routledge Handbook of Disability Arts, Culture and Media. Ed. Bree Hadley and Donna McDonald. Routledge.

2018. ‘Participatory Audiencing and the Committed Return’. In Commit Yourself! Strategies of Staging Spectators in Immersive Performances. Ed. Doris Kolesch, Theresa Schütz and Sophie Nikoleit

2018. ‘What Makes a Theatre Goer? Habitus, Identity and Interest Development in Adolescent Audiences to Shakespeare’. In Shakespeare: Actors and Audience. Ed F. Banks. Arden Shakespeare. pp 97-118.

2018. ‘Drawing’ in The International Handbook of Interdisciplinary Research Methods, Ed Lury et al. Routledge.

2017. ‘Representing Soldiers to Soldiers through Dance: Authenticity, Theatricality and Witnessing the Pain of Others’, in Dance Research Journal. 49: 2. pp 79-95.

2016. ‘Storytelling, Story-retelling, Storyknowing: Towards a Participatory Practice of Storytelling’, RiDE: the Journal of Applied theatre and Performance. 21.4.pp 558-73. With Catherine Heinemeyer.

2016. ‘Subjective and Neurophysiological Perspectives on Emotion Perception from Dance’ in The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Wellbeing, Ed. V. Karkou, S. Oliver and S. Lycouris. With Grosbras MH, Reason M, Tan H, Kay R, Pollick F.

2016. ‘Conversation and Criticism: Audiences and Unfinished Critical Thinking’, in Theatre Criticism: Changing Landscapes. Ed. D. Radosavljević. Bloomsbury Methuen.

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2015. Theatre Audiences. Special issue of Participations 12.1. Edited with Kirty Sedgman.

Including, Introduction to Part 2: ‘Participations on Participation. Research the “active” theatre audience’

2013. ‘The Longer Experience: Theatre for Young Audiences and Enhancing Engagement’, in The Audience Experience: A Critical Response to the Intrinsic Needs of Audiences in the Performing Arts. Eds. Radbourne, Glow and  Johanson. Intellect. pp 97-111.

2013. ‘The Possibility of Theatre for Children’ in Theatre for Young Audiences: A Critical Handbook, Ed. Karian Schuitema and Tom Maguire. Trentham. pp 23-34.

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2012. ‘Writing the Embodied Experience: Ekphrastic and Creative Writing as Audience Research’, Critical Stages 7. n.p.

2012. ‘A Moment in Time: Kinesthetic empathy and photography’ in Kinesthetic Empathy: Creative and Cultural Contexts, Ed Dee Reynolds and Matthew Reason. Intellect. pp 239-256.

2011. ‘Still Moving: The Revelation or Representation of Dance in Still Photography’, in Imaging dance.  Visual Representations of Dancers and Dancing, Ed.Barbara Sparti and Judy Van Zile. Georg Olms Verlag: Hildesheim, Germany. pp 275-201

2011. ‘Making Performance within the Institution: Documentation, Reflection and Production’, in Hidden Archives ed. Glen McGillivray. Amsterdam: Peter Lang. pp 149-171. With Dorey-Richmond, Gray and Walker.

2010. ‘Asking the Audience: Audience research and the experience of theatre’, About Performance No 10 (pp 15-34)

2010. ‘Kinesthetic and related Pleasures: Exploring audience responses to watching live dance’, Dance Research Journal 42(2) (pp 49-75) with Dee Reynolds.

2010. ‘Watching Dance, Drawing the Experience and Visual Knowledge’ Forum for Modern Language Studies 46 (4) (pp 391-414)

2010. Screen Dance Audiences. Special Issue of Participations 7.2. Edited with Dee Reynolds.

2008. ‘Interpreting Children’s Responses to Puppets in Live Theatre: Did you watch the man or did you watch the goose?’, New Theatre Quarterly 24 (pp 337-354).

2008. ‘Thinking Theatre: Enhancing Children’s Theatrical Experiences Through Philosophical Enquiry’, Childhood and Philosophy 4: 7

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2003. ‘Archive or Memory?: The Detritus of Live Performance’, New Theatre Quarterly 19:1 (pp 82-9).

2003. ‘Writing the Olfactory in the Live‑Performance Review’ Performance Research 8:3 (pp 73-84).

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