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Young Audiences

seanThe experience of children and young people is particularly interesting to research for a number of reasons. Not least of these is that their responses to theatre and dance are often rich and diverse. At the same time they are also as an audience subject to a myriad of dreams and demands placed upon them by adults and society at large. The relationship between young people and the arts is rarely perceived as simply a matter of enjoyment. It is almost always about something else too, whether that be education, moral lessons, or preparing young audience to be the new audiences of the future. All of which says less about young people themselves than it does about us as adults and parents.

My research into young audiences is interested in examining their experiences of theatre as theatre, in the meanings, memories and sensations that they take away from the performances, and in how they can become active spectators who have a sense of autonomy over their experiences and their opinions.

Some projects relating to young audiences are presented below. Other chapters and papers include:

‘The Possibility of Theatre for Children’ in Theatre for Young Audiences: A Critical Handbook, Ed. Karian Schuitema and Tom Maguire. Trentham. 2013

‘The Longer Experience: Theatre for Young Audiences and Enhancing Engagement’, in The Audience Experience. Eds. Radbourne, Glow and  Johanson. Intellect. 2013.

You can download a copy of a 2008 report Drawing the Theatrical Experience Final version.

Also see my full publication list.

Young Audiences

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Resources for Schools and Teachers

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Talking About Theatre

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The Young Audience: Exploring and Enhancing Children’s Experiences of Theatre

Trenthem Books 2010. “This inspirational book, that cares passionately about the child’s gaze, should be welcomed and cherished.” (Tony Graham Artistic Director, Unicorn Theatre) “…a colourful and fascinating account of … Continue reading

The Young Audiences – Japanese Translation & New Forward

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Video Interview, Deakin University (Aus)

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Young Audiences and Live Theatre

One of my earliest pieces of research into theatre audiences explored young people’s perceptions of liveness in performance. Theatre is frequently defined by its ‘liveness’: that is by how it … Continue reading

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