Matthew Reason

Resources for Schools and Teachers

As a result of the collaborative partnership with Imaginate, and developing from the research into how children watch theatre, two resources were produced designed to help school classes enhance their evaluation and analysis skills, ensuring that teachers and pupils will be able to express their thoughts, feelings and opinions on a performance they have seen with confidence.

UntitledThe first is ‘Evaluating the Performing Arts: a step-by-step teaching guide’, which  includes a forward by myself and sections on using drawing, play, writing and talking as approaches to evaluate a performing arts experience.

You can download the resource from the Imaginate website here.






The second is ‘Talking about Theatre’, an online interactive resources in which lasses are guided through an intuitive animated process by Stevie the theatre critic.

Again this can be accesses via the Imaginate website.


Further Reading:

Part 3 of my book The Young Audience explores theoretical and practical issues relating to the enhancing children’s engagement with live theatre.

Also see: ‘The Longer Experience: Theatre for Young Audiences and Enhancing Engagement’, in The Audience Experience: A Critical Response to the Intrinsic Needs of Audiences in the Performing Arts. Eds. Radbourne, Glow and  Johanson. Intellect 2013.



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