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Dance Audiences

Untitled5Researching dance audiences is wonderfully challenging. How is it possible to account for the experience of watching bodies moving in space? Experiences that often we are not – consciously, verbally – entirely sure that we fully grasp for ourselves, let alone in a way that might be communicated to anybody else. Dance perhaps is ineffable, something that we cannot put into words.

It is partly these very reasons, plus my own enjoyment of dance as a spectator, that motivates me to research this area. As with all my audience research I am interested in developing or adapting methods that allow me to explore audiences experiences creatively and playfully. Could you draw it for me? Write a poem about it? Tell me where in your body you felt the experience?

Some projects relating to dance audiences are presented below. Other chapters and papers include:

‘Kinesthetic and related Pleasures: Exploring audience responses to watching live dance’, Dance Research Journal 42(2) (pp 49-75) 2010. With Dee Reynolds.

‘Watching Dance, Drawing the Experience and Visual Knowledge’ Forum for Modern Language Studies 46 (4). 2010.

Also see full publications list.

Researching the Lived Experience of Dance

5 Soldiers Audience Research

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Creative Writing and Audience Research

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Interactive Mind Map

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Researching with plasticine

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Watching Dance: Kinesthetic Empathy

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Where in your body?

‘Where in your body?’ is a single question online audience research survey, piloted for performances of 5 Soldiers by Rosie Kay Dance Company and now also disseminated to Scottish Ballet … Continue reading

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