Matthew Reason

The Resurrection of Joyce Reason

Joyce Reason, whom I never met, was my Great Aunt.  banner c1925

Born in 1894 she was a writer, an evangelist, a bluestocking, a spinster, a crank, and a missionary.

I began seriously attempting to construct and make sense of the archive of her life in around 2012, since when I have been talking walks, writing stories, looking at photographs and considering the difficulty of ‘knowing’ somebody that you have never met.

My research into Joyce – and through Joyce into the ethical, methodological and archival questions of knowing the life of an Other – has been presented in various conferences and as a forthcoming article in the journal Memory Connection.

It has also been not published in the form of an unpublished novel.

Resurrection of Joyce Reason Publications

Archive, Empathy, Memory

Archive, Empathy, Memory: The Resurrection of Joyce Reason   This paper uses the prism of archival, ancestral research to consider the nature of our relationship to the lives of the … Continue reading

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