Matthew Reason

Talking About Theatre

Talking About Theatre consists of a series of booklets designed to facilitated children and young people’s post-show conversations about theatre and dance. Operating through a series of questions or instructions, the booklets ask young people to think and reflect on a performance.


The booklets can be used independently, in pairs, or in groups.

There are six booklets in the series, each with a different focus or entry point:


  • The Generic Conversation
  • The Experimental Conversation
  • The Narrative Conversation
  • The Performers Conversation
  • The Scenographic Conversation
  • The Sound & Music Conversation



The booklets were inspired and adapted from the Project MUSE, Harvard Graduate School of Education. They were initially produced for the Audiences are Now conference at the AprilFestival, Copenhagen, 2016.

For the 2017 AprilFestival, in Sønderborg, we developed online versions of the booklets, available in Danish and English – which can be accessed here. I also ran a workshop for the TEEN (Theatre European Engagement Network) programme using the booklets. You can read about this here (article in Danish).



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